About the Lyn-Way Restaurant

A Brief History of the Lyn-Way

Lyn-Way got its start with a piece of pie and a cup of coffee. On Merle "Shine" Plank's birthday, June 7, 1951, he and his wife Frances, opened the restaurant and never looked back. Merle had a great idea for a restaurant, and one day the name occurred to him: "The Lyn-Way."

In Lyn-Way's history there have been three versions of the restaurant. The first was an out-of-use gas station which seated 44 people. There were only 18 employees at the time. Curb service was available at this version of Lyn-Way.

When Lyn-Way II was built the old building was completely demolished. The available seating for this building was 76 people. There were also 33 employees to keep up with the increasing business. In 1976, when Merle retired, his daughter Janet took over management of the restaurant. When the building was expanded in 1991, the "Lyn-Way III," a new kitchen was added. The seating capacity then increased to 148 people. With each passing year and the increase in business, Lyn-Way has been able to grow and accommodate to its customers' needs and wants. Now Lyn-Way employs approximately 80 people to keep up with the demand. Lyn-Way's success comes from customer loyalty and appreciation for Lyn-Way employees' hard work, but it also lies in the ability to grow and change over time. The restaurant is now co-owned by Janet and her son Rob Stoops.

The Midwest Edition of The Interstate Gourmet, a dining guide for travelers in 1986 included Lyn-Way in its publication. Del Donahoo of Del's Folks visited Lyn-Way in 1998. Politicians have also been known to come enjoy a meal and have a meeting here.

Pies, Community, and Our Customers

Lyn-Way would be missing something if it did not have pie for dessert. The pies have always been a part of Lyn-Way and are a wonderful finale to a homestyle meal. Lyn-Way's pies have been made daily, fresh from scratch since the very beginning. The first pie baker was Janet's grandmother, and Lyn-Way still uses her recipes today. While offering a daily selection of 25 different pies creates a difficult choice for the customers, it also allows every person to find a favorite. Each day Lyn-Way serves approximately 50 whole pies to its customers.

Each year Lyn-Way takes part in many community activities. Lyn-Way has been recognized for its great food and service by its customers. Lyn-Way participated in Relay for Life in 2010, works with the United Way each year, and sponsors one of the Fun Fabulous Fridays. Community is important and Lyn-Way knows this and works hard to show appreciation to the community.

Lyn-Way's customers are very loyal, proving the motto that Lyn-Way has lived by since the beginning: "The World's Best People Eat Here: Our Customers!" About half a dozen employees have a combined 200 years with Lyn-Way, a lot of experience. The friendly staff is sure to get to know the regulars and have their favorites waiting for them.


Vintage shot of the Lyn-Way in the 1950's

The Lyn-Way dining room in 1976

Current aerial photo of the Lyn-Way

"If you are looking for a good home cooked meal with friendly service, come visit us anytime.
We would love to see you!"